Advice from a Siren
The speaker of her poems is very much a trickster figure. This is rare for a female poet, and I say it with admiration - as a female poet.
— Cate Marvin
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Advice from a Siren is a very strong group of poems, and I anticipate sharing it with students, particularly those who are interested in how culture creates and shapes identities... the poems both document the ugliness of patriarchy (“Winners,” “Clerks,” “The Bruise”…) and explore the dimensions and possibilities of resistance through femininity (“Clementines,” “A Metaphor a Girl Can Be,” “Baudelaire’s Lover”…). It is a collection that rewards rereading, and that is wonderfully playful and serious. I’m glad that it is out in the world.
— J.D. Scrimgeour
Few young poets exhibit such talent and promise as Shari Caplan. To read her work is to know language exhilarated.
— Robert Kloss, author of "The Alligators of Abraham"