Photo Credit JJ Lynne Photography

Photo Credit JJ Lynne Photography


Interviews with Shari

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As an actress, I am drawn to the performative aspects of text – how can a poem enact rather than tell a story? How can multiple voices work in a poem? Can I write a highly personal poem that is a persona poem and vice versa?

Boston Voyager chatted with Shari about AIDS Action, acting, and poetry. Read the whole story of this chameleon!

In my latest incarnation as the Development Officer at AIDS Action Committee, I am able to combine my passions for art and for change. My main project is ARTcetera, a biennial auction to benefit AIDS Action, and one of Boston’s best events for art discovery. My responsibilities in this role are motivating and electrifying; I am working towards a future without HIV/AIDS and bringing our mission to the center of Boston’s art scene.